After the Move: Handbags from Repurposed Clothing

Upcoming Bags

Several years ago I taught wearable art classes.  A large portion of my closet is devoted to samples that I made for those classes.  These are things that I will probably never wear, and I can’t bear to get rid of any of it, so I’ve decided to make one-of-a-kind handbags out of some of them.  Here’s a stack of vests, including one that was purchased, that will be seeing new life as handbags after my move to Little Rock.

If you like the idea of repurposing clothing items that might otherwise be thrown out, take a look at the Felt Sew Good shop on Etsy.  Most of her items are made from recycled wool sweaters.  She has bags, pillows, toys, and lots of other great stuff.  Go there now!