Easy Reversible Bag

Easy Reversible Bag

Sorry about being gone for so long — I’ve been developing a couple of blogs and they’ve consumed all my free time for the past 7 or 8 days.  Although they’re still in development, I can now take the occasional crafting break, and so I was able to make this bag. I know, I’ve been using polka dots a lot lately, but I think I’m over that now.

This is the Reversible Purse from Martha Stewart’s website, and although there was one step that was just a little bit tricky, in general this was an easy, fun bag to make. My only suggestions are to clip your curves (not mentioned in the printed instructions, but Martha does talk about it in the companion video), and to take your time finishing the straps.  The only tedious part is turning under the outside edges of the straps, then making sure you catch both edges when you topstitch.  If you baste them first, as the pattern suggests, it’s probably easier, but you know me — always taking shortcuts!  All the construction up to that point was very quick and simple, and this project took less than an hour from start to finish.

You’ll notice  in the next photo that one strap is shorter than the other.  Just pull the longer strap through the shorter one, and your bag is closed.  I can see making these in a variety of colors to go with summer outfits, or to use as a lunch tote.

*EDIT (6/3/09): Follow the Martha Stewart link above for a video of this technique.

Reversible bag