Bossa Nova Bags Pattern by Shelly Stokes


Holiday gift-giving in my family has typically meant a frenzied Christmas afternoon of ripping into packages and thowing out a huge bagful of wrapping paper, although in recent years some of us have made a big effort to use sturdy gift bags that can be re-used year after year, and we always save bows.  But if you still object to using paper for gift-wrapping, Shelly Stokes of Cedar Canyon Textiles has a solution for you — the Bossa Nova Bag. 

Shelly, who banned wrapping paper from her house a few years ago, has come up with a beautiful and functional gift bag pattern that uses two pieces of fabric and only a few supplies.  She used paintsticks and rubbing plates on some of her sample bags, with absolutely stunning results, and now paintsticks are on my wish list!  Visit Shelly’s blog for information on where you can purchase the pattern.  If you’re lucky enough to be attending the International Quilt Market in Houston later this month, you’ll no doubt be able to see the Bossa Nova bag in Shelly’s booth (#1160-62).