Tutorial: Cell Phone Pouch

This simple little cell phone pouch was born from my need to keep my phone permanently attached to my body in case someone calls me for  a job interview.  I have a slider phone with very sensitive soft keys on the front, and I’ve accidentally dialed up the internet while carrying it in my pocket, so a pouch is essential.  I’ve been using another pouch I made last year, but I’ve had to tie the strap to my belt loop, and it either comes untied, or my phone topples out of the top when I’m sitting down.  I wanted something that would attach securely to the belt loop of my jeans, instead of a belt, because I don’t wear belts much, and with a flap to keep the phone safe.  

I played with the idea a bit today and came up with a pouch that attaches with d-rings, and with a flap that is secured with a velcro strip.

Before I show you how to make this, I need to make a couple of points.  First, this is one of those quick and easy projects where you have to sacrifice perfection.  The pieces are zigzagged together on the outside, so if you don’t like that look, this isn’t the project for you. I based this pouch on my eyeglass case tutorial, with batting sandwiched between 2 layers of fabric and the raw edges zigzagged or blanket-stitched.

This tutorial looks long, but it’s mostly photos.  This really is a very easy project.

My phone is the LG Chocolate, which measures 1-3/4″ x 3-3/4″ x 5/8″, so this tutorial is based on those measurements. There’s still plenty of room for a larger phone, but check your phone and adjust accordingly.

A strip of velcro has 2 parts – a soft side, and a stiffer, prickly side.  I like to sew to soft side to the flap.  This way, if the flap brushes against your phone, you don’t riskscratching your phone.  The other side might cause scratches.

The directions that follow are exactly as I made the pouch pictured here. However, there are some things I would do differently next time. First, I would round the corners of my flap so they wouldn’t stick out quite as much when closed.  I would also make the velcro strips longer, so that the entire edge of the flap is stuck in place when closed.  Before beginning, think this project through in case there are any style changes you would like to make.

You could change this pouch to attach to a belt.  Just cut the strap a little longer and rotate it 90 degrees before sewing to the pouch.

OK, for this project you will need the following:

- 1 each of outside fabric, lining, and batting, cut to 3-1/2″ wide by 4-3/4″ high.  This is the front of your pouch.
- 1 each of outside fabric, lining, and batting, cut to 3-1/2″ wide by 6-3/4″ high.  This is the back and the flap of your pouch.
- 1 strip of only one of your fabrics, cut to 2-1/4″ wide by 6″ long. This is the strap.
- thread
- Two  1″ d-rings


First, make the strap by folding the long strip (2-1/4″ x 6″) in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and stitch the long side and one short side. Clip corners and turn the tube right side out. Press flat.

Topstitch edges.

Layer the longer pieces (3-1/2″ x 6-3/4″) as follows to make the back of the pouch:
-outside fabric, with right side up
Pin layers together.

 Pin raw edge of strap (open end) to pouch back as pictured, with the top edge of strap approximately 2″ down from top of pouch back, and raw edge centered left to right.

Stitch end of strap in place.

Thread both d-rings onto strap, and fold strap to the right.

Stitch strap in place with two rows of stitching as shown, roughly in the center of the pouch from left to right.  Go over the stitches a couple of times to thoroughly secure the strap.

Remove the pins.

Flip the entire piece over, with batting facing up.

Place lining on top, right side up (sorry, no photo!).  Fold outer fabric out of the way as shown. Pin layers in place.

Stitch soft side of velcro to lining side near top of pouch, through the lining and the batting.  Remember, the outer fabric needs to be out of the way.  (Actually, you don’t have to fold this out of the way to make this work, but if you stitch through all layers, the stitching will show through on the front. That’s just a personal choice.)

If you expect to be opening and closing your pouch a lot, consider stitching around the velcro twice.

You’re done with the back, so set it aside for now.

Layer remaining pieces (3-1/2″ x 4-3/4″) as follows, to make front of pouch:
- lining, right side down
- batting
- outer fabric, right side up

Pin layers together.

Place other piece of velcro on outer fabric, about 1/2″ from the top edge, and stitch twice through all layers.

Zigzag top edge of pouch front through all layers. When zigzagging, let the right-hand swing of the needle go very slightly beyond the edge of the fabric. I used a stitch width of about 4, and a length of around 1.5.

Now you’ll put the front and back together and finish your project.

Pin front to back, right sides out.

Pin strap out of the way.

Zigzag carefully around all 4 edges of the pouch. This will finish all the remaining edges and will attach the front to the back.

Remove all the pins, add a cell phone, and you’re ready to go!