How-To: Bleach Discharged Velvet Bag, Part 2


Velvet Bag with Frame Closure

For a while now, I’ve wanted to make a little bag out of bleach discharged velvet.  I’ve had the handbag frame for over a year, and I’ve had the velvet from yesterday’s post even longer than that.  But I just never came across a pattern I wanted to use, and couldn’t motivate myself to draw my own (lazy, I know!). Last night I finally realized that this bag would never happen if I didn’t take a little initiative, so I quickly sketched out a shape onto my lining fabric and took it from there.  The directions that follow are not precise, but will give you some idea of what’s involved in the process.  If I make another bag with a sew-in frame, I will probably make it a lot larger so I can gather it into the frame.  This will not only make it easier to get things in and out of the bag, but will reduce the need for precision in fitting the fabric to the frame. I think I’ll also add some fringe or rhinestones for embellishment. The frame I used has loops for a chain, so now I’m on the lookout for something I like.

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1930s Reproduction Fabrics


Log Cabin Quilt - 1930s Reproduction Fabrics

Several years ago I had a small collection of 1930s reproduction fabrics, and it was then that I made the log-cabin quilt pictured here.  I’m not always interested in traditional fabrics, but I find the 1930s reproductions very appealing.  They have a comforting, soothing effect on me, even the bright and crazy ones, especially when they’ve been used with a traditional pattern. In the quilt above, I used a cotton batting (can’t remember which one), and after some shrinking of the batting in the wash, I can almost convince myself that I have an authentic 1930s quilt.  Almost.

I’ve recently rediscovered 1930s reproductions, and love the prints that fabric designer Darlene Zimmerman has created.  I’ll soon be seeking out some of these prints, possibly for use in some wristlets and tote bags. You can see her designs here, on the Robert Kaufman website, so go over and take a look!