How-To: Easy Eyeglass Case

Easy Eyeglass Case

In less than a year, I’ve gone from horribly nearsighted, to both horribly nearsighted and needing reading glasses with my contact lenses.  As a result, I’ve got reading glasses all over the place — in my purse, on my computer table, on the coffee table, everywhere!  This is not only because I don’t want to be running up and down the stairs every time I need to see up close, but also because there are so many stylish and inexpensive reading glasses available. Since they usually come without a case, I’ve been leaving them out in the open, but they’re vulnerable to things like curious cats, propeller-like dog tails that can easily sweep everything off the coffee table, and of course, my own clumsiness.

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How-To: Repurposed Jeans – Card Case


Denim Card Case

You know those favorite jeans that you just can’t bear to throw out?  I recently had a pair of those, which I wore and washed countless times, until the seat was worn nearly through.  While renovating this house, they finally gave up the fight after too many ascents to the top of a ladder.  At that point, I sadly retired those jeans, but I didn’t throw them away.

I have several projects in mind for my jeans, and the first is a business card case. This could also be used as a coin purse if you choose a more secure fastener for the front.  [Read more...]