More Wristlet Key Fobs

Like I said, these are so easy!  I made 15 wristlet key fobs in less than 2 hours, and I was taking my time.  For the tutorial, go here.

Tonight I made some small wristlet zip pouches, just big enough to hold credit cards and a driver’s license. They were a special request from my mama, who doesn’t like to carry a large purse while doing her grocery shopping. In the next day or so I’ll try to post photos and a link to the tutorial I used.

Tutorial: Another Fabric Flower

Fabric flowers are always an easy way to embellish bags and accessories, and there are dozens of ways to make them.  The one pictured here isn’t unusual, but I thought I’d photograph the steps for you while making this one last night, and give you the directions that I typically use.  I also made a very easy ribbon flower, and I’ll try to show that to you this week. [Read more...]

Tutorial: Cell Phone Pouch

This simple little cell phone pouch was born from my need to keep my phone permanently attached to my body in case someone calls me for  a job interview.  I have a slider phone with very sensitive soft keys on the front, and I’ve accidentally dialed up the internet while carrying it in my pocket, so a pouch is essential.  I’ve been using another pouch I made last year, but I’ve had to tie the strap to my belt loop, and it either comes untied, or my phone topples out of the top when I’m sitting down.  I wanted something that would attach securely to the belt loop of my jeans, instead of a belt, because I don’t wear belts much, and with a flap to keep the phone safe.   [Read more...]

Tutorial: Scrappy Pieced Scarf

With the holiday season closing in on us, I thought some more tutorials might be useful to those of you who like to handcraft your gifts.

The first new tutorial I have for you is the basic Scrappy Pieced Scarf. This scarf can be as simple or as complex as you’d like to make it.  This is a great way to use up scraps in your fabric stash, and the instructions can easily be adapted for charm packs, leftover quilt blocks, or fabric strips. In the directions here, I’ll be working with simple, unpieced sections of fabric, but I encourage you to be creative and to experiment. [Read more...]