Tutorial: Fabric Bracelet

This fabric bracelet is another one of those easy accessory projects that you can make quickly and easily, and with minimal investment if you already have fabric scraps on hand. For the version with buttons pictured here, I only needed 2 strips of fabric, each about 1-1/4″ wide, 2 d-rings, and a few stray buttons. You can use smaller scraps as well, as I did with the blue crazy-pieced bracelet. Other variations are limited only by your imagination. [Read more...]

How-To: Drawstring Jewelry Pouch


Drawstring Jewelry Pouch

I made the jewelry pouch pictured here before I found this tutorial, and since I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, I’ve just noted my own variations below. (Note: the photos on the linked tutorial no longer work, but the directions are still there.  I’ll try to create my own tutorial as soon as I have a few free moments, and will post it here.)

1) I cut my circles 16-1/2″ and 12-1/2″ (7″ and 11″ in the tutorial).

2) Before I made the interior pockets, I inserted a 5″ circle of template plastic beneath the stitched set of small circles. I stitched all around just outside the edge of the plastic, then made my pockets by sewing from the edge of the plastic to the outer edge of the small circles.  If you use the smaller size shown in the tutorial, the plastic shouldn’t be necessary.  I only used it to provide a firmer base for my finished pouch.

This pouch makes a wonderful gift. I’ve given many of these away, and everyone loves them!

How-To: Easy Button Jewelry

Button Jewelry

I have a collection of interesting buttons, and since I rarely sew clothing, I like to use them as embellishments for handbags. I’ve never tried to make button jewelry, until now. My inspiration for this pin came from Button Jewelry by Sara Withers, which I found at the public library. The book has instructions for button-covered barrettes, but I’ve adapted the technique for use with a pin back. The author also uses beading thread, but I didn’t have any, so I substituted inexpensive 26-gauge jewelry wire.  I probably won’t make many projects from this book, simply because I don’t have the eyesite or the patience for most of them, and because nice buttons can be expensive.
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How To: Fabric Flower Pin – Recycling Your Fabric Scraps

 Fabric Strip Flower Pin

I hate to throw stuff away. No, I’m not a packrat, but I do object to tossing out perfectly good scraps of beautiful fabric when I can easily turn them into something useful. OK, I use the term “useful” very loosely here, but fabric trimmings can be used in a variety of ways other than as landfill waste. Jewelry, for example. Here, I’ve made a flower pin out of selvages and pieces that I’ve trimmed off when straightening the edges of my fabric for other projects.

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