How-To: Repurposed Jeans – Card Case


Denim Card Case

You know those favorite jeans that you just can’t bear to throw out?  I recently had a pair of those, which I wore and washed countless times, until the seat was worn nearly through.  While renovating this house, they finally gave up the fight after too many ascents to the top of a ladder.  At that point, I sadly retired those jeans, but I didn’t throw them away.

I have several projects in mind for my jeans, and the first is a business card case. This could also be used as a coin purse if you choose a more secure fastener for the front.  [Read more...]

How To: Fabric Flower Pin – Recycling Your Fabric Scraps

 Fabric Strip Flower Pin

I hate to throw stuff away. No, I’m not a packrat, but I do object to tossing out perfectly good scraps of beautiful fabric when I can easily turn them into something useful. OK, I use the term “useful” very loosely here, but fabric trimmings can be used in a variety of ways other than as landfill waste. Jewelry, for example. Here, I’ve made a flower pin out of selvages and pieces that I’ve trimmed off when straightening the edges of my fabric for other projects.

[Read more...]